What Are the Top Social Media Marketing Trends for 2024?

What Are the Top Social Media Marketing Trends for 2024?

It’s 2024 and social media is more than just a platform, it’s a playground for countless innovations. As we zoom through the year, we realise that the landscape of social media marketing is expanding. From reels to shorts and their influence on global trends has shown that things are evolving faster than ever.

Buckle up as we journey through the hottest trends that will help you strategise better this year!

1) Augmented Reality Will Continue to Flourish

We have only reached the first half of the year and augmented reality, famously known as AR, has created a place for itself in the market. Several brands have already adopted this technology and are prospering with it.

Snapchat has always had its game on with AR filters and other platforms continued to follow in its footsteps. They offer a bunch of lenses, ranging from facial distortions to adding virtual objects to your environment.

Lenksart has efficiently used this technology and revolutionised the concept of eyewear shopping. The AR tool on their website and app allows you to try on different frames in real-time without visiting their store.

2) Artificial Intelligence: The New Hero

AI has been a hot topic for years, but in 2024, it has proven that it’s here to stay. Artificial Intelligence is being used left, right, and centre in every industry –  by social media marketing agencies in India for businesses to students for academic purposes. AI has become the need of the hour.

It is widely used by professionals to study consumer behaviour and their buying preferences. It also helps in learning algorithms and analysing user data, allowing businesses to provide personalised content to their customers and target them precisely.

Currently, every business has an AI-powered chatbot on their website, providing immediate responses to customers. Also, several AI-based writing tools help students write and edit essays, helping them with their academics.

3) Short-Form Content Continues to Rule

After TikTok’s departure from numerous countries, including India, Instagram and YouTube introduced their versions of similar content. Since then, reels and shorts have been dominating the market. The former application has been completely replaced by the latter.

We know that with each passing day, our attention span has been reducing and businesses have been thriving on this phenomena. Many companies have leveraged the power of short-form content, delivering messages and showcasing their products creatively.

This short-form content sensation started the trend of influencers. Many creators emerged during this period, fostering deeper connections with their followers. This has helped them get recognised by powerhouse companies, transforming into money-making machines.

4) Livestreams Becoming Mainstream

Livestreams have been dominating the social media and digital marketing space. Platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch witnessed a wave of popularity by 2024. They make their viewers feel involved as there’s interaction and feedback session between the streamer and the audience.

It adds a human touch to these platforms because everything happens in real-time. Brands have been using them to share behind-the-scenes content and product demonstrations to increase engagement. It has helped brands build a community and nurture loyalty among those who follow them.

As this mode of communication continues to evolve, it is becoming the ultimate tool for marketers and individuals to create global connections and promote their services and products.

5) E-Commerce Continues to Rise

Consumer behaviour has shifted towards online shopping as we enter the second half of the year. People have found comfort at home, shopping from various e-commerce applications like Amazon, Flipkart, Pharmeasy, etc. fueling the growth of digital retailing.

Furthermore, easy payment methods have also aided in accelerating e-commerce growth. It has indeed made shopping accessible for everyone, regardless of where they live. The Covid-19 pandemic was a period when people had to choose this option for shopping and since then there has been no turning back.

As technology has been advancing, we’ve seen AI being used in this industry as well. We often receive personalised recommendations based on previously bought products, yes, you have it there!

All these practices have enhanced our lives and reshaped business structures, giving opportunities to small businesses and micro-influencers. The year 2024 is surely poised to be a year of incredible transformations. Are you ready to tap into this new era of extraordinary innovations? Reach out to us at WSUXCOHO, the best social media marketing agency in India today.