Giving a fresh identity to financial management for all: Here’s how we did it for Tailwind

Industry – Fintech || Services – Social Media, Event Planning, SEO

Tailwind is a one-stop solution to the investing needs of every consumer. Their uniquely built platform allows customers to invest in a variety of solutions curated for their financial goals, and allows them to manage their entire family’s investments from one place. Tailwind leverages the expertise of experienced wealth managers to help users plan, save, and invest their finances, all in one place.

Social Media

We take immense pride in collaborating with innovative and dynamic brands like Tailwind, who are changing the landscape of the fintech industry. As the architects behind Tailwind’s social media presence, we are curating a digital landscape that not only promotes their brand but also empowers individuals with knowledge about finance. In a world where information is king, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating a digital haven where anyone can delve into the intricacies of finance and investing.

Tailwind Financial Services

Our strategy for Tailwind’s social media is multifaceted. First and foremost, we understand the importance of financial education and design our posts keeping in mind the objectives of educating and informing the audience. Be it complex financial jargon or the latest industry news, we cover all major touchpoints that drive financial accessibility for everyone.

However, our strategy is not just numbers and charts; we also believe in the power of celebrating life’s moments. That’s why we infuse our feed with festive posts that not only reflect Tailwind’s brand personality but also remind our followers that financial well-being can be an enjoyable journey.

Through consistent, insightful, and engaging content, we’re helping people take small steps towards a brighter financial future, one post at a time.


To drive the best digital outcomes for Tailwind, our SEO and content strategy is laser-focused on one overarching goal: increasing rankings for the search engine results for relevant keywords in the fintech realm. 

Through meticulous keyword research, content optimization, and an unwavering commitment to staying ahead of search engine algorithms, we are working towards increasing Tailwind’s online visibility and authority, capturing the attention of potential clients, building trust, and ultimately driving growth.


We have also supported Tailwind with event marketing, in a bid to showcase their innovative spirit and establish a strong brand presence in the event landscape.

We began by diving deep into their brand identity, values, and vision, building on the same for a strategic event branding plan that did justice to their ethos. Our creative team worked on infusing corporate colors, logos, and messaging into every aspect of the event, from captivating banners to engaging digital displays.

The response to our event branding work was overwhelmingly positive. Attendees were immediately drawn to the cohesive and visually striking environment we had created, reinforcing Tailwind’s reputation as a forward-thinking fintech brand. Our agency’s meticulous approach to event branding not only delighted the client but also left a lasting impression on attendees, fostering Tailwind’s position as an industry leader. This project serves as a testament to the power of strategic event branding in elevating brand recognition and fostering positive client relationships.